Masters of Text

Launched in September 2015, Masters of Text is a scholarly podcast from Ames Hawkins and Ryan Trauman that seeks to encourage discussion of alternative textual forms of scholarship, and promote scholarship about alternative modes of textuality. Masters of Text focuses on fostering textuality and scholarship that combines intelligence, critique, creativity, and beauty. As Ames likes to say, we’re focused on the “critical-creative” approaches to scholarship.

The structural backbone for Season 1 is comprised of seven segments of serialized recorded discussion between Ames and Trauman focusing on our readings of the alternative alphabetic text, S., an experimental storytelling project by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst. Here, you can also find a range audio text forms illustrating my own creative-critical scholarly experimentation and work. In addition, Ames and Trauman discuss our collaborative work with digital storytelling (Episode 2), in creating a microCAST with parents at Columbia College Chicago (Episode 5), in making our own XLR cables (Episode 9), and in teaching a course on soundwriting to honors students at Columbia College Chicago (Episode 10).

You are encouraged to check out our project at Masters of Text. Better yet, download the podcast on your iPhone or other mobile device by searching Master of Text. There you will find all of Season 1. We will launch Season 2 at the end of January, 2016.