Work featured here focuses on a range of scholarly concerns including, but not limited to the pedagogical implications of collaborative teaching. Some of the pieces here I wrote by myself focusing on the idea of collaboration, but most are themselves collaboratively written texts evidencing a range of forms, including a number of different contributors and editors.

“Writing both/as/and Making: Trans/feminist Practice of Collaboration in the Art Activism Classroom,” with Joan Giroux

“Soundwriting Pedagogy,” with Ryan Trauman

“Art Activism in the Classroom: One Imagined Future for Service-Learning,” with Joan Giroux

“OPEN: An Aperture in Four Parts,” with Charles Hawkins

“Imagining New Wealth,” with Phil Bratta

“Work with Me,” an exhibition catalogue essay focusing on artistic collaborations

“Sharing Cultures,” The Sharing Cultures Teaching Team

Engaging Communities: Writing Ethnographic Research, with Suzanne Blum Malley